The Healer's Visit

Sound and Therapeutic Music for Professional Caregivers

Your favorite music may not be the best choice for healing!

It’s tough being a caregiver. Beyond all you do and give to others, you need to take care of yourself, or you won’t be able to continue. You’re probably constantly on the lookout for new ideas on how to bring a better experience to those in your care.

If you’ve been around music all your life either as a music-lover or musician, perhaps you have some idea that music is powerful. I’m sure you can hear a few moments of a song and instantly recall vivid details of what was going on in your life at that moment. Remember THAT night? Or, if you’re a musician, you experienced first hand the power of music to ignite, unite and transport an audience. Or you may use music to energize yourself for work or just to chill out.

How can you channel that amazing power of music to comfort and bring healing to those in your care? Why is it so complicated? Why are there so many claims about music and healing? When your friend, child or loved one is experiencing pain and anxiety, you want to help them NOW. You need a method that won’t interfere with other treatments or medications. What you don’t need is to wade through countless claims of music that can heal your hamster, calm your cat, connect you to beings from another dimension, or tune your brain.

My passion for music led me to study and master the healing effects of music and create clinical music programs in hospices. I love playing in hospice because the need is great, and I witness miracles time and again. Patients and their families are calmed, pain is reduced, comfort increased, and I often hear from patient’s families how profoundly they experience the music I deliver at bedside. And nurses and doctors want results!


When I first started, I played for several hours daily and I soon realized that the number of patients that could benefit from therapeutic music was far beyond what I could provide in my bedside practice. How would this great need ever be met?

Early on in my practice nurses and staff caregivers asked me to create recorded music that could be used 24/7 and asked for advice on what other music could help their patients. Chaplains, social workers and volunteers asked me for advice on how they could use music to create healing environments that would support their work. And many of these dedicated caregivers had their own ideas about what music they thought would create healing. While good intentioned, they often made music and delivery choices that did not bring about desired results and in some cases were counterproductive. “Why wouldn’t music that helps me to relax be good for my patients or clients? What’s the best way to introduce music? What music will be ‘safe’ to use with all my patients?" 

I spent years traveling and teaching caregivers how to use music to create healing environments, and consulted with healthcare facilities on how to design soundscapes to enhance patient outcomes. Again, I found that the need was greater than I could serve, so I decided to take all that I’ve learned and practiced and create an online course for everyone who needs self-care or to care for another. 

The Healer’s Visit is an online course for professional and at-home caregivers and those who need to enhance their self-care and healing. In my years of practice and teaching I’ve learned that therapeutic music is one of the best ways to reduce the pain and anxiety of your patient or loved one while supporting a healing environment.


The Healer's Visit's 16-Video Lessons

Your Healer's Visit course is delivered immediately and updated regularly.

  • Discover and use the healing power of music.
  • Learn to create a comforting, restorative sound environment.
  • Understand how our physiology reacts to sound, noise, and music.
  • Staff and volunteers learn to use therapeutic music with empathy and compassion.
  • improve listening skills with patients, residents or family in a difficult physical or emotional situation.
  • Keep current with a one-time purchase of a perpetual license with regular updates.
  • Share unlimited product licenses among your staff.

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The Healer's Visit video seminar is accompanied by a detailed booklet The Visit: A Field Guide that further explores the many topics covered in the course such as: the science around therapeutic music, how to converse in a healing setting, and how to apply therapeutic music in your everyday life. 


 The Music: Respite and Amongst Moonlight

I realize not all caregivers and healthcare practitioners are musicians, nor do you have the time to curate your own library of effective therapeutic music. That’s why I’ve included two albums (20 compositions) of my own therapeutic music that you can you use to create healing and reduce pain and anxiety. This music has been used in homes and healthcare facilities with countless patients. With your purchase of The Healer's Visit, it will be yours to use during visits, with your patients, or in your home.

The Healer's Visit Bundle includes:

1. The Healer’s Visit - 16 Video Lessons

2. The Visit; A Field Guide - 19 chapters with Audio Commentaries

3. RespiteAmongst Moonlight - Two Therapeutic Music Albums (20 Compositions)

4. Your Life On Music - Bonus Audio Series (5 Audio Lessons) on how to use music and sound to create intentional soundscapes at work and in your home.

Many of you instinctively know that music is powerful. I’m certain you have experienced that power in your life outside of caregiving.  Why not harness that power and bring it into your practice, use in at-home care, or enhance your own self-care? The Healer’s Visit shows you the science behind music’s effects on our physiology, provides an understanding of how to visit and be with people who suffer, provides tips you how to introduce music, and includes ready-to-use music proven to be effective with patients. 

Oh…what about your favorite music? We have no way knowing how a person will react to familiar music from our culture. Some music may trigger strong negative emotions in people. In The Healer’s Visit you’ll learn how to avoid this situation and become totally confident in your choice and use of therapeutic music.

If you're ready to support rest and healing, reduce pain and anxiety, and improve the quality of your facility's soundscape patients and staff, act now.

Create Healing with The Healer's Visit Today!

The Healer's Visit - Therapeutic Music for the Caregiver

The Healer's Visit for Professional and At-Home Caregivers

Harness the power of therapeutic music and sound to create restorative and healing environments.

The Healer's Visit Bundle Includes:

1. The Healer’s Visit - 16 Video Lessons

2. The Visit; A Field Guide - 19 chapters with Audio Commentaries

3. Respite & Amongst Moonlight - Two Therapeutic Music Albums (20 Compositions)

4. Your Life On Music - Bonus Audio Series (5 Audio Lessons) on how to use music and sound to create intentional environments at work and in your home.

If you're ready to support rest and healing, reduce pain and anxiety, and improve the quality of your daily caregiver practice, act now. 

The 2 albums of music provide longer listening times for deep rest and reduced anxiety.  The Visit provides basic understanding of how sound and music affect your physiology and how to support restorative environments for family or patients. The 16-video course offers James' first-hand experience as he guides you through the course material. The bonus course, Your Life On Music, will help you to understand and use music and sound to create intentional soundscapes at work and in your home.

James composes, performs, and records music with the intent to bring about healing. James creates healing journeys using melody, harmony, choice of instruments, meter, tempo, arrangement, and recording techniques that are imbued with his experience of delivering prescriptive music at the bedside in all types of clinical situations.

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